Friends of Dan's

Pennsylvania Playhouse
Dan started acting at the PA Playhouse at the age of 13.

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Chuck Williams Fan Club

Chuck is a very talented long-long-time friend of Dan's.

The Official Bob Burns Website
Bob is a long time friend and collaborator of Danís on many projects.

Duane Whitaker: Texas Trouble Entertaiment
Dan and Duane have worked together a number of times since meeting as extras on General Hospital over 20 years ago.

The Official Tony Todd Webpage
Dan and Tony have also worked together numerous times.

Monster Related

Monsters 411
A Ted A. Bohus website. This site hosts Monster related articles, interviews, artwork and reviews.

The Deadly Spawn
Everything you wanted to know about the movie "The Deadly Spawn". A horror and science-fiction cult classic film by Ted A. Bohus.
Home to Irena Belle Films. Producers of "The Vampire Hunters Club".

Dan's Hometown Favorites

Bethlehem, PA
Dan's hometown, also known as "The Christmas City".

Bushkill Park
This amusememt park is owned and operated by Balloons the Clown, a longtime friend of Dan's. This park was also the location of Dan and Kelly's wedding reception.

Dorney Park
Dan was asked to do an autograph signing here back in 1997 when the park opened up it's new roller coaster "Steel Force".